Introducing pass-fxa, a {pass,firefox} client for {pass,firefox}

Nils Andre nils at
Fri Aug 6 16:26:01 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

Recently I've been working on `pass-fxa`, a tool that uploads your
password store to FxA (Firefox Accounts).

It is meant as a replacement of traditional browser extensions for pass
(e.g. passff and browserpass) with a few advantages (see README).

It can be found on GitHub:

I hope you guys find it useful!



PS: In July I asked for some feedback here. I think most of it can be
addressed by the fact that I didn't explain well enough how it would
work and how it's supposed to be used (The answer being, as an
alternative to traditional browser extensions).

Chiraag mentioned copying passwords. To be clear, pass-fxa is less
secure than doing that because ultimately your passwords are available
to Firefox (although E2E encrypted in the FxA "cloud"). 

Also, I'd love for it to be added to the list of compatible clients.

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