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Zack z at
Fri Aug 20 12:00:12 UTC 2021


I am really glad I found this tool, all others are moving to 
subscription models and so I am more than happy to have found pass.
So, I wanted to move from 1password7 to pass, but I did not find an 
import script for it. So I created my own. It is completely written in 
bash, only json_pp and sed need to be available.

Of course, using python or any other tool would make it a bit easier, 
but this is working so far so good. So I thought I'd share it, maybe 
some others need it or have something to share.

to use it, you need to export your 1Password data to a 1pif "directory". 
On the shell, start the import like this:

./ 1PasswordExport.1pif/data.1pif

This should import all Data.

Or is there a better way?



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