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12021/00/06 07:90.80 ನಲ್ಲಿ, Marian Sigler <m at qjym.de> ಬರೆದರು:
> Hello,
> I often store the password in the first line, and additional info
> (usernames, ...) in the following ones.
> I also often use the --copy option.
> It would often be handy for me if there was an option to copy the first
> line to the clipboard and print all other lines.
> I'd suggest the option `-C` for this, with similar syntax as `-c`; I'd
> also propose the same for QR codes (`-Q`).
> What do you think? If you think this is a good idea I might try and
> produce a patch.
> Suggestions for long option names are welcomed as well. (Instead of the
> uppercase options, one might also think of an additional --print option
> and then use -pc / -pq. One might even do both...)
> Marian

I for one would *love* such an option. I have a few sites where they ask challenge questions. I've stored the (random) answers to those in my pass repo as well, so I always end up needing to do another `pass tail a/site` (or similar) to print the rest of the lines after copying the password.


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