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Fry Or Craken pass.maillist at fryorcraken.xyz
Tue Sep 21 04:46:37 UTC 2021


I have ended up in a strange situation where I somehow created a `.gpg` fi=
le at the root of my password store folder.
It only contained a password so I guess either hostpass-ff or fat fingers =
created generated file.

When this happens, the `pass ls` command returns the content of the `.gpg`=
 file instead of listing all password available.

I am keen to write a patch for that. I see several solutions:

1. Prevent the creation of a `.gpg` file.
2. Ensure that `pass ls` with no argument list all files instead of showin=
g the content of `.gpg` if it exists.
3. Both above.

What does the list think?

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