=?UTF-8?Q?Re:_pass-tessen:_a_pass_extension_to_copy_everything, __includi?= ng passwords and metadata, on Xorg/X11 and Wayland

Ayush Agarwal ayush at fastmail.in
Mon Sep 20 22:35:15 UTC 2021

I'm sorry but I have no idea why the subject of the email is all mangled up. I did send this mail using plain text format. Have I made a mistake somewhere?

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From: Ayush Agarwal <ayush at fastmail.in>
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Subject: pass-tessen: a pass extension to copy everything, including passwords and metadata, on Xorg/X11 and Wayland
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2021 3:59 AM

Hey everyone,

I've made a pass extension called `pass-tessen` to copy everything in a pass file, including password and metadata (key-value pairs in the format mentioned on www.passwordstore.org), on both Xorg/X11 and Wayland.


It uses fzf, xclip if you're on Xorg/X11, and wl-clipboard if you're using Wayland.

Although this is my first project, I've tried to write code that focuses on being easy to read, is secure, and has no dependencies besides what's necessary. Any critique or review of `pass-tessen` is welcome.


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