pass ln: for symlinks

higuita higuita at
Thu Feb 17 22:40:44 UTC 2022


resending, used the wrong email for the list

> Since my last message (quoted below) didn't receive any replies for a
> few weeks, I'm assuming contributions would not be accepted for the
> feature I described. But let me know if that's a bad assumption on my
> part.

	I would love that feature, i too have done that manually a few
times and just don't use it more exactly because i have to do it
manually ... it feels always that i'm breaking something!

	Sadly, about the possibility of being merged, only Jason (The
Developer!) can give some feedback!

	I would recommend writing the patch, following the same
code style and submit to the list. Jason reports that on new releases
he do check for good patches to be merged and a feature like this
can be mostly contained, causing little trouble and bloat.

Good luck
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