pass ln: for symlinks

Alec Hill hey at
Fri Feb 18 15:19:45 UTC 2022

I'd like to echo that this seems like a very appropriate addition! I'm
glad to learn that `pass mv` is a command, as I was recently
disgruntled to find I couldn't simply `mv old-password new-password`.
`pass ln` feels like a missing feature of that same scope as `pass
mv`, just waiting for someone to write a patch.   Thanks ~Alec

On Thu, Feb 17, 2022 at 5:42 PM higuita <higuita at> wrote:
> Hi
> resending, used the wrong email for the list
> > Since my last message (quoted below) didn't receive any replies for a
> > few weeks, I'm assuming contributions would not be accepted for the
> > feature I described. But let me know if that's a bad assumption on my
> > part.
>         I would love that feature, i too have done that manually a few
> times and just don't use it more exactly because i have to do it
> manually ... it feels always that i'm breaking something!
>         Sadly, about the possibility of being merged, only Jason (The
> Developer!) can give some feedback!
>         I would recommend writing the patch, following the same
> code style and submit to the list. Jason reports that on new releases
> he do check for good patches to be merged and a feature like this
> can be mostly contained, causing little trouble and bloat.
> Good luck
> higuita
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