New extension: pass ln, for symlinks

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Sun Mar 13 08:14:19 UTC 2022


Accidentally I wrote exactly the same yesterday. Sorry I was not aware 
your previous message as I only joined the mailing list this week.

See patch attached. A couple of things you might want to take over:
   * -f/--force
   * Follow links in "generate" and "edit" commands so that they can be
     used indifferently on the actual password or its alias.
   * A few test cases.


On 13/03/2022 06:23, Radon Rosborough wrote:
> Hi friends,
> As promised in February [1] [2], I created a Pass extension that makes
> it more convenient to manage symbolic links within the password store
> (use case: websites that have more than one domain name using the same
> login credentials). The project is available on GitHub [3], where you
> can download releases packaged for Ubuntu/Debian, Red Hat/Fedora, Arch
> Linux, and Homebrew, or install from source.
> Any feedback or bug reports would be greatly appreciated [4].
> Best regards,
> Radon Rosborough
> [1]: 
> [2]: 
> [3]:
> [4]:
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