dbus integration?

Magnus Sandberg mem at fallback.netnod.se
Wed Nov 9 08:45:14 UTC 2022

Hi Paul Robert,

First of all, I'm not a real developer.
I think that a lot of what's needed exists "out there".

For instance when I'm running my Xfce, the gpg-agent uses the classic 
passphrase popup when I have to unlock some password.
And the Firefox plugin (works other other browsers too) is a bit of what 
you looking for, I guess.

So maybe the dbus stuff is missing but the concept exists in different 
shapes and forms.

// mem

Den 2022-11-08 kl. 21:31, skrev Paul Robert Marino:
> I'm doing some work with a tool that was designed to work with gnome
> keyring and I would like to use pass instead for a number of reasons
> too long to get into.
> it turns out that it is actually using the org.fredesktop Secret
> Service API via dbus. I was wondering if anyone was working on a
> service which could proxy this API to pass or if a tool already
> exists?

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