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I take note that PhotoFloat seems to work around the concept of
"albums" and I assume by that you mean collections of photos as made
e.g. on a trip to the coast and another with photos made of the alps
or the last family dinner.

However, what if we wanted to create albums of e.g. people or our
pets? What if I wanted an album with all photos of my cat and
another album with photos of my dog? What would I do with a photo
containing both cat and dog (those are the best!)?

Obviously, I could copy the file to both, or use symlinks, and while
this results in duplicate thumbnails and cache files, it would

Another approach would be to let photos be tagged, and it'd just be
a little more work to write out additional JSON files mapping tags
to filenames.

Then, in addition to the classical album view already in place²,
there could be a drop-down list (or whatever UI element suits) of
tags with checkboxes, allowing users to compose queries. Bonus
points for a choice between AND and OR combining of multiple tags.

How does this sound? Is this something you'd imagine implementing?
I can probably help with the Python, but I am too old for Javascript
and the Web. ;)

¹) PhotoFloat *could* use a content-indexed cache such that the same
image in different albums would map to the same cache content (e.g.

²) Membership in an album could really just be a tag, actually…

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