[PhotoFloat] Spring cleaning (video, preloading, threading, updated JS-libraries, etc)

Dennis Ortsen dortsen at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 15:22:45 CEST 2015

I've finally allowed myself to try out your patches Joachim. I've had some
hiccups along the way, some I've been able to fix, some not :-(

I'd thought I'd share anyway for the greater benefit of us all :-)

I've found that these settings work better for my older movie files, from a
Canon Digital IXUS:

diff -u PhotoAlbum.py ../../photofloat2/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py

--- PhotoAlbum.py       2015-09-15 18:34:16.466288893 +0200

+++ ../../photofloat2/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py     2015-09-09
16:37:29.359987385 +0200

@@ -435,19 +435,18 @@

                        '-c:v', 'libx264',              # set h264 as

                        '-preset', 'slow',              # set specific
preset that provides a certain encoding speed to compression ratio

                        '-profile:v', 'baseline',       # set output to
specific h264 profile

-#                      '-level', '3.0',                # sets highest
compatibility with target devices

+                       '-level', '3.0',                # sets highest
compatibility with target devices

                        '-crf', '20',                   # set quality

                        '-b:v', '4M',                   # set videobitrate
to 4Mbps

                        '-strict', 'experimental',      # allow native aac
codec below

                        '-c:a', 'aac',                  # set aac as

                        '-ac', '2',                     # force two

-                       '-ab', '128k',                  # set audiobitrate
to 128Kbps

-                       '-ar', '11025',                 # set audio
sampling rate/frequency to 11025

+                       '-ab', '160k',                  # set audiobitrate
to 160Kbps

                        '-maxrate', '10000000',         # limits max rate,
will degrade CRF if needed

                        '-bufsize', '10000000',         # define how much
the client should buffer

                        '-f', 'mp4',                    # fileformat mp4

                        '-threads', str(num_of_cores),  # number of cores
(all minus one)

-                       '-loglevel', 'error',           # don't display

+                       '-loglevel', 'quiet',           # don't display

                        '-y'                            # don't prompt for


                filters = []

Besides these small changes, I've seen other movies simply "freeze" on
transcoding. The python script appeared to be running, judging from the
terminal, but the process list showed a 'avconv' process without it's
accompanying python parents processes. Killing the avconv process and
restarting the scanner again didn't help to get some movie files done.
Eventually I moved them out of place and the job got done. I'll have to
find out what's so special about these particular files. Perhaps it's just
too large for my AMD APU to transcode in a reasonable time (does python
have a time out set somewhere)?

Another thing I noticed on Safari, Firefox and Chrome (all on a Mac) is
that when I browse through an album with movies, I get to see the medium
sized movie in the center and the "timeline" thing in the bottom of the
screen. I can play the first movie just fine. When I advance to the next by
either using the arrows (click, or keyboard) or select one from the
"timeline" in the bottom, I expected the preview of the medium sized movie
to be replaced with the one I selected. Instead, a second, or third, of
fourth (depending on how much you select) medium sized preview appears. All
are playable at the same time. I thought the behavior would be similar as
to browsing/flipping through pictures.
Does anybody recognize that? Perhaps a clue what to fix?

Thanks in advance,


2015-07-07 14:44 GMT+02:00 Joachim Tingvold <joachim at tingvold.com>:

> On 17 Jun 2015, at 17:41, Joachim Tingvold wrote:
>> Did some spring cleaning on my photofloat-install.
>> More minor fixes.
> One more.
>  * Issues transcoding really, really old MJPEG-videos. Related to the
> baseline profile used (avconv complained about "baseline profile doesn't
> support 4:2:2"). Tries normal transcode first, and if that fails, tries
> again with added option that works.
> <http://git.jocke.no/photofloat/?h=patches>
> My personal "things I'd like to fix" list (in somewhat prioritized order,
> but with no ETA);
>  * File structure in the cache dir (requires a lot of changes in both
> backend and frontend).
>  * Don't rethumb /all/ images in album after hitting CTRL+C (currently
> yielding 'corrupt cache' on the album). Should check if the thumbs are
> there first, and if so, don't remake them.
>  * Some kind of dedup (if having multiple albums with the same original
> images).
> --
> Joachim
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