[PhotoFloat] Spring cleaning (video, preloading, threading, updated JS-libraries, etc)

Joachim Tingvold joachim at tingvold.com
Tue Oct 20 03:26:44 CEST 2015

On 5 Oct 2015, at 15:22, Dennis Ortsen wrote:
> Another thing I noticed on Safari, Firefox and Chrome (all on a Mac) 
> is
> that when I browse through an album with movies, I get to see the 
> medium
> sized movie in the center and the "timeline" thing in the bottom of 
> the
> screen. I can play the first movie just fine. When I advance to the 
> next by
> either using the arrows (click, or keyboard) or select one from the
> "timeline" in the bottom, I expected the preview of the medium sized 
> movie
> to be replaced with the one I selected. Instead, a second, or third, 
> of
> fourth (depending on how much you select) medium sized preview 
> appears. All
> are playable at the same time. I thought the behavior would be similar 
> as
> to browsing/flipping through pictures.
> Does anybody recognize that? Perhaps a clue what to fix?


Due to an increasing amount of videos in-between images lately I got 
annoyed enough to fix this.

Latest commit should resolve it (-:



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