[PhotoFloat] Image Rotation

Stefan Rink stefan-lists-photofloat at austrink.de
Fri Jan 1 18:56:40 CET 2016


>> My proposal is for adding CSS to correctly display images taken while 
>> the camera was rotated ("portrait mode").
> I still don't understand what this does, that image.transpose doesn't
> do? (in_photo_thumbnail in PhotoAlbum.py).

The primary problem I see with the sub _thumbnails is that by design it 
would rotate only the thumbnails, not the actual image. Please correct me, 
if I got that wrongly.

Anyhow, I was not aware of that functionality. Seems it did not kick in in 
my case, which is why I came up with my solution.
I shall try to find the time in the next days, to do some debugging why 
that happened.


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