New user - questions similar to the last new user

Chris Green cl at
Sun Jan 8 13:02:25 CET 2017

I tried photofloat a while ago, didn't use it because it crashed on
the first set of albums I tried (see separate thread I've started, too
messy to include here).  I've now come back and bypassed the error.

I see that another new user has asked questions very similar to the
ones I have, so mine are partially answered:-

> On 13 Aug 2016, at 12:34, photofloat.thegrue at wrote:
> > 1) What's the order for the folders? I have three folders named "08",
> > "10" and "11" and they appear in the order "11", "10", "08" ... (see
> > link above)
> The date of the pictures contained within that album. The pictures 
> within an album sort from oldest to newest, while albums sort from 
> newest to oldest (based on the images within the album).
My pictures are digitised from negatives and transparencies dating
back to the 1960s so the file date doesn't relate to the picture's
actual date.  Hence the above ordering doesn't work for me at all. 

I need the pictures sorted either by file *name* or by the EXIF date,
is there any option for this?  If not I'm quite happy to DIY it as
python is may favourite programming language.

> > So, keep up the good work, I'm really impressed :)
> You might also consider using the patched version of PhotoFloat located 
> here; <>. It was never merged 
> upstream (not sure why), but it contains a lot of fixes and improvements 
> compared to the latest commit in Jason's repo (threading, preloading
> of images, updated JS-libraries, video-support, etc).

I currently have the version from the Ubuntu repositories, does anyone
know if this is the patched version referred to above or is it just
the one from the original repository?  Is there any easy way to tell?
My installed version is 0~20120917+dfsg-3 from the ubuntu repository.

Thanks for a great program.

Chris Green

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