New user - questions similar to the last new user

Joachim Tingvold joachim at
Mon Jan 9 09:41:47 CET 2017

On 8 Jan 2017, at 13:02, Chris Green wrote:
> I need the pictures sorted either by file *name* or by the EXIF date,
> is there any option for this?  If not I'm quite happy to DIY it as
> python is may favourite programming language.

It uses the EXIF date to sort them AFAIK (and if not present, I believe 
it falls back using the file create date).

> I currently have the version from the Ubuntu repositories, does anyone
> know if this is the patched version referred to above or is it just
> the one from the original repository?  Is there any easy way to tell?
> My installed version is 0~20120917+dfsg-3 from the ubuntu repository.

The Ubuntu version is heavily outdated. Even Jason’s stock version is 
way newer.


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