Bug/crash due to date comparison

Martin Kos martin at kos.li
Fri Jan 13 11:36:07 CET 2017

On 10.01.2017 11:28, Chris Green wrote:
> The changes required are trivial:-
> Delete the lines with - by them, add the lines with + (obviously the
> commented out lines starting with # can just be deleted if you want).
> The first block of changes is for albums, the second block for image
> files, so you might just want to do the first single line change.
> Note that I have reversed the 'other' and 'self', I couldn't get the
> albums in ascending order otherwise.
> Hope this helps, please ask if you want to know more, and sorry if I'm
> teaching grandmother to suck eggs with too much detail.

Works like a charm, perfect, thanks. And yes, I know what a diff/patch
file is ;-)

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