Bug/crash due to date comparison

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Tue Jan 10 11:28:03 CET 2017

On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 11:07:52AM +0100, Martin Kos wrote:
> On 09.01.2017 10:57, Chris Green wrote:
> > To get the ordering I want I have simply changed the __cmp__
> > functions in PhotoAlbum.py to compare filename/path name rather than
> > date.  My images are named sequentially (e.g. the tenth slide film I
> > took in 1974 has images named p1974_10_01.jpg to p1974_10_36.jpg) so
> > this works as I want.  Not all the file dates, nor the EXIF dates
> > reflect the actual image date and anyway, in some cases, I don't know
> > the actual date.
> Chris, I would be interested in that "patch" too. (or even as command
> line option). I have my files named similiarly, and in most cases the
> EXIF date & file timestamp are set by jhead, but in some cases, and
> especially for folders, the timestamps are wrong, but the folder name
> would sort it the right way.
> > Lovely program, I ran it against my whole images tree (30k images) 
> > yesterday and eveything is just as I want.
> I like photofloat very much too and would like too see it evolve and
> e.g. be used for NextCloud photo gallery (or at least the simple but
> efficient concept with the json/javascript/single html page).
The changes required are trivial:-

    chris at esprimo$ git diff PhotoAlbum.py
    diff --git a/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py b/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py
    index 372ef32..3c620bf 100644
    --- a/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py
    +++ b/scanner/PhotoAlbum.py
    @@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ class Album(object):
                            return self._photos[-1].date
                    return max(self._photos[-1].date, self._albums[-1].date)
            def __cmp__(self, other):
    -               return cmp(self.date, other.date)
    +               return cmp(other.path, self.path)
            def add_photo(self, photo):
                    self._photos_sorted = False
    @@ -326,10 +326,10 @@ class Photo(object):
                    return correct_date

            def __cmp__(self, other):
    -               date_compare = cmp(self.date, other.date)
    -               if date_compare == 0:
    +               # date_compare = cmp(self.date, other.date)
    +               # if date_compare == 0:
                            return cmp(self.name, other.name)
    -               return date_compare
    +               # return date_compare
            def attributes(self):
                    return self._attributes

Delete the lines with - by them, add the lines with + (obviously the
commented out lines starting with # can just be deleted if you want).
The first block of changes is for albums, the second block for image
files, so you might just want to do the first single line change.

Note that I have reversed the 'other' and 'self', I couldn't get the
albums in ascending order otherwise.

Hope this helps, please ask if you want to know more, and sorry if I'm
teaching grandmother to suck eggs with too much detail.

Chris Green

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