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Joachim Tingvold joachim at
Wed Jun 7 15:38:32 CEST 2017

On 7 Jun 2017, at 13:39, Paolo Benvenuto wrote:
> Joachim, what does your fork add to Jason's code?

It’s been outlined in somewhat detail in previous emails, so 

I primarily wanted the HTML5 video support (by Jerome), so I ended up 
doing the following;

  * updated to latest commit by Jason (January 2015)
  * merged the HTML5-patch
  * merged my own patches (threading of thumbs, preloading of images, 
  * updated all JavaScript libraries (including broken jQuery 
  * removed the Java-crap to minify .js/.css-files
  * fixed simple script to minify using external service
  * fixed threading when encoding video
  * fixed minor things that didn't work after upgrading to Debian Jessie

  * Switched video from WebM to H264 (x264). Primarily to support 
Safari, which is my primary browser (on both computer and mobile phone). 
Added "benefit" that it's supported in IE (-:

  * Fixed issue where thumbs/transcodes did not get created. Previously 
thumbs/transcodes were only created if mtime() of the file didn't match 
what was stored in the JSON-file. If you deleted a thumb/transcode from 
the cache_path (without deleting it in album_path), it would'nt be 
re-created unless you modified the mtime() of the original files (in 
album_path). Now it does an additional check to verify that the 
cached_photo actually exists before marking it as cached.

  * Issues transcoding really, really old MJPEG-videos. Related to the 
baseline profile used (avconv complained about "baseline profile doesn't 
support 4:2:2"). Tries normal transcode first, and if that fails, tries 
again with added option that works.

  * Fixed interrupt after implementing threading

  * Fixed issue with movies not being cleared while browsing multiple 
movies after each other.

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