to seek modifications in folders + accelerate convertion script

Carlos Aguni sorlaker at
Mon Aug 6 03:53:56 CEST 2018

Hello all,

This is my first post as I just started using PhotoFloat.
So far I'm super excited and would like to thank you all for making this
possible :)

So. There are two things I'd like to check with you if I'm doing correctly.

If I have a folder named "album/trip/nyc" which I've already ran ./
on it.
If I add some more photos or a directory containing more pictures to that
album/trip/nyc folder ./ will ignore that folder maybe because it
already scanned it before.
So question is: Is it expected? When altering the photos am I to build the
entire collection again?

I have many albums of about 100GB total and the ./ is running for
about 7 hours so far..
So question is: Is there a way to accelerate it? Depending on the first
question's answer it would be unviable to keep rebuilding it every time I
update something.

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