[ANNOUNCE] Snapshot `0.0.20161216` Available

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Fri Dec 16 17:14:17 CET 2016

Hash: SHA256


A new snapshot, `0.0.20161216`, has been tagged in the git repository.

Please note that this snapshot is, like the rest of the project at this point
in time, experimental, and does not consitute a real release that would be
considered secure and bug-free. WireGuard is generally thought to be fairly
stable, and most likely will not crash your computer (though it may).
However, as this is a pre-release snapshot, it comes with no guarantees, and
its security is not yet to be depended on; it is not applicable for CVEs.

With all that said, if you'd like to test this snapshot out, there are a
few relevent changes.

== Changes ==

  * messages: increase header by 3 bytes for alignment
  PACKAGERS PLEASE UPDATE, as this is a protocol-breaking change.
  * device: disable ipv6 auto address generation
  Now finally we have working tcpdump and no useless automatic IPv6 addresses.
  * device: rc -> ret
  * device: dellink is already implictly unregister_netdevice_queue
  * device: simplify device_init, since it only returns -EEXIST
  * main: consistent lines
  * device: clean up xmit error path
  * device: allocate tstats in newlink
  * global: move to consistent use of uN instead of uintN_t for kernel code
  * crypto: use kernel's bitops functions
  * messages: remove unused constants
  * blake2s: move self tests to correct directory
  * tools: fix latest-handshake typo in documentation
  * noise: update comments
  * config: cleanups
  * types: enforce consistency
  Numerous code quality cleanups.
  * device: ensure icmp skb length check is done for v6
  * receive: simplify ip header checking logic
  This adds a missing length check and generally simplifies length checks
  * peer: don't use sockaddr_storage to reduce memory usage
  Now that we have struct endpoint, ditching sockaddr_storage is a no-brainer.
  It has the affect of making parallel decryption faster because it requires
  less of an allocation for the ctx, and thus our kmemcache can be merged.
  * tests: avoid non-strict writes via printf
  Finally fixing this silly old bug.
  * ratelimiter: drop family from action for 4.10
  We're getting ready for the first rc of Linux 4.10.
  * siphash: update against upstream submission
  I've been preparing a big patch for upstream Linux to include SipHash, and in
  the process I improved the implementation considerably.
  * hashtables: use counter and int to ensure forward progress
  This gives the best of both worlds between the two hashtable rng designs.

As always, the source is available at https://git.zx2c4.com/WireGuard/ and
information about the project is available at https://www.wireguard.io/ .

This snapshot is available in tarball form here:
  SHA2-256: 9d3c1f52a9995d2bf1f5cd9d6b1922bd1f78fb3ddbd30bf3587077f79ef0977b
  BLAKE2b-256: e990c133d1ca936d226d05f170f0d46f39f585a648da85249dc98023548890ae

If you're a snapshot package maintainer, please bump your package version. If
you're a user, the WireGuard team welcomes any and all feedback on this latest

Thank you,
Jason Donenfeld



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