Issue, WireGuard on a PaX kernel

saeidscorp saeidscorp at
Sun Apr 23 16:53:46 CEST 2017

Hi everybody,
I've been having troubles using WireGuard on Gentoo hardened/PaX kernel. I have set up WireGuard on regular kernels several times, but on a PaX kernel it causes the kernel to panic.
All steps of inetrface addition and configuration using wg tool work well, but as soon as the first packet goes through the interface, it crashes the whole system.
I tried adding wireguard to the kernel tree, both as built-in and as a module, enabled verbose messages in kconfig, but don't know where to actually look for its log output! (No evidence of wireguard messages in dmesg or syslog)
Could you please point me in the right direction?!
FYI, It's running inside a VMware VPS and PaX is using slow UDEREF.
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