FR: interface ListenAddress (Aka:Multihomed server issue)

Jan De Landtsheer jan at
Thu Aug 10 18:57:05 CEST 2017

no, very simple …
I have (for the sake of brevity) 2 interfaces:

one is eth0 with ip and I have on the box as
default gateway.
on that link I bgp peer with and announce my own /24, let’s say

another eth interface (eth1) hosts several ip addresses and one of these is

for that interface I allow port 443 to accept packets for

ListenPort = 443

but I do not allow packets to connect to on port 443 (as
this iface is just my Provider’s /30

when a client connects to, the wg server tells the client
that it’s destination is for this link , and that gets of
course firewalled.
So reluctantly I opened up port 443 on the uplink interface to accomodate
this, erm, inconvenience.

on client side I have a config :

PublicKey = (hidden)
EndPoint =
AllowedIPs =

but when connection is established
wg show says :

peer: (hidden)
  allowed ips:
  latest handshake: 36 seconds ago
  transfer: 468.40 MiB received, 17.88 MiB sent

but now of course, when the third interface eth2 will arrive, with another
subnet to another provider, my announced IP may not be
altered by the path taken, otherwise the clients need to reconnect…

but I don’t know for sure… it seems to be a regression somewhere as I don’t
recall to have that problem before… I had to add this accept rule last
week, suddenly, as some peers could connect, but not transfer packets any

Now I understand that wg finds it’s IP by following the shortest path, but
that is, in my case, counterproductive.
It should reply with the IP it was spoken to (here

I think ;-)


On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 5:51 PM Jason A. Donenfeld <Jason at> wrote:

Hey Jan,
> > When wireguard clients connect, their config shows their peer
> > to be the Uplink IP address instead of the IP on the Public
> > interface that was specifically assigned for wireguard (wgsrv)
> Do you mean to say that the _endpoint_ IP address of the WireGuard
> peer is an IP associated with Uplink instead of with Public? If this
> is the case, it might be some odd DNAT situation causing this to
> happen for you? The peer's endpoint IP address is simply the src IP of
> the most recently authenticated packet from the peer. It sounds like
> there's something odd in place causing the src IP to be wrong? But I
> can't think of how this would be WireGuard related. Unless I've
> misunderstood something?
> Jason
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