WireGuard (Android) wg-quick down not working, WireGuard app can't bring down WireGuard tunnel

Jordan Johnston johnstonljordan at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 01:44:39 CET 2017

Hey list,

So after some help from the list, zx2c4 and on IRC

I've managed to get WireGuard working on my Google Pixel (Stock Rom). I've
been using it for a few hours now ~ after getting past a few initial
issues; I must say; WireGuard is fantastic!

Now, onto my current issue.

Currently, I have no problem enabling the wg tunnel on my device (using the
app or quick tile), however; I can't disable the tunnel once enabled (?)...

(using adb ... az = AzireVPN /data/misc/wireguard/az.conf ... the tunnel is
already running)

sailfish:/ # wg
interface: az
  public key: (hidden)
  private key: (hidden)
  listening port: 42507
  fwmark: 0x20000

peer: (hidden)
  allowed ips:, ::/0
  latest handshake: 3 minutes, 50 seconds ago
  transfer: 7.52 MiB received, 1.17 MiB sent

sailfish:/ # wg-quick down az
wg-quick: `az' is not a WireGuard interface

(note: the above keys I've made hidden, on my ouput they are there, minus
private key)

It's peculiar because the above does show the az interface via wg command

Likewise, the WireGuard app also fails when trying to bring down the tunnel
with the error message "Error bringing down WireGuard tunnel"... Yet the
tunnel is brought up no problem, from within the app, quick tile or
commandline (?).

According to the The help I was given on IRC - my config file appears to be
correct. (and is mostly working). So I'm not really sure what the problem
might be... I had thought there may have been a permission or selinux
denial somewhere - but I'm not seeing that in logcat;

logcat only shows the above wg-quick message

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