[patch] wg: add support for peer names using a file in userspace

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at zx2c4.com
Fri Dec 8 05:23:49 CET 2017

Hi Lonnie,

Thanks for sending this to the mailing list. Indeed it got lost in the
fold of disorganized email filters when you sent it to me directly
twice earlier; sorry about that.

I'm not certain this is the right approach -- having wg(8) rely on
fixed filesystem paths, and splitting peer configuration information
across three places (original config file, peer data file, kernel).

I think the way forward for this kind of feature would be what I
proposed in an earlier thread, of attaching it to the kernel object,
just like ifalias does or netfilter's comment target. However, the
question I'm still faced with is -- is this really necessary? I
understand that it's _cool_, and adding bells and whistles is fun and
exciting, but I wonder if there a complete system that would actually
benefit form having this that wouldn't already have a better place to
do it?


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