Question About Wireguard Config File

Alec Stewart the-bigdaddytank at
Tue Dec 19 19:35:26 CET 2017

Hello fellow Wireguard users,

I have one question in regards to the configuration file.

So creating a configuration file doesn't seem hard at all, but my question is if there's an easy way to have the config file take a new private and public keys and peers every now and then, and switch out the allowed-ips every now and then too. When I do all of the commands, I usually generate and new private/public key pair as well as create a new peer, and change the IPv4 addresses I use (although it's possible I may be misunderstanding exactly how that works). While it's not hard, it does get a little tedious and I think setting up a config file would be easier, I still would like to switch out the keys and ips here and there.

Thanks for any help!
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