Multiple Endpoints

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Sun Jan 8 23:18:01 CET 2017

On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 3:12 PM, Baptiste Jonglez
<baptiste at> wrote:
> I am also interested in multiple endpoints support, and I am preparing a
> proposal that I will send soon.

Cool. Any details? Probably best to discuss it casually before putting
too much work into it.
Have you read that Mosh multipath paper? I just ran into this the
other night and put it on my reading list. If so, is it any good or
relavent to this?

> So, if a client is connected to the server and the server changes its IP
> address, the client will keep trying to use the old IP address forever.

No. If the server sends a packet to the client using the same UDP
src/dst, then it will make it to the client, and the client will learn
the new server IP.

> You would need to destroy the wireguard interface on the client and
> recreate it, so that `wg` configures the kernel module with the new IP
> address associated with the hostname.

No. And even in the worst possible case, no destruction of the wg
interface would be necessary. wg(8) can reconfigure all attributes on
the fly.

> You're right, in your case, you would need to setup port forwarding on
> your client, so that wireguard on your client device can be reached from
> any IP address.

No. In the vast majority of cases I've seen, both stateful firewalls
and NAT do not do the mapping based on the remote IP.

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