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>Вторник, 4 июля 2017, 20:56 +05:00 от "Roelf \"rewbycraft\" Wichertjes" < mailings+wireguard at >:
>From what you said, I surmise the following setup:
>- Three devices, A, B and C.
>- A talks ospf to B over wireguard.
>- A talks ospf to C over wireguard.
>- The connection between A and C has gotten interrupted. (maybe C is a 
>- The error causes the entire ospf process to fail for all interfaces.
>   In other words: A will suddenly also stop talking B when the 
>connection A<->C fails? 
Not at all
A-B normally installed tunnels
A-C with never working tunnel - there was no connection setup never
Both tunnels are described with a direct indication of the other side's feast (ip port)

There is a blocking of the work of the demon's ospfd - because of "No buffer space available"
Ospf uses ONE socket to send its message to all interfaces - and this socket is blocked due to buffer overflow - which occurs when it sends packets to a non-starting tunnel

>If I am correct in that, there are a few things to note:
>  - The "No buffer space available" error is normal from wireguard when 
>an interface cannot reach the peer. 
Can and normal - but it blocks ospfd - and as a result to use them together is simply impossible
Would he rather have dropped them?
>  - A single "failing" interface shouldn't kill the ospf process for all 
not kill - blocked yes
>  - This sounds more like a quagga problem, as I have a similar setup (I 
>use my laptop for device C in my case) except I use the BIRD routing 
>daemon instead of quagga (and this setup works fine for me). 
This is a problem with vireguard
No other tunnels - I did not allow myself to do this
About the inability to reach the addressee - packets just drop out
But here he accumulates and accumulate ....
>Of course, before any definitive conclusions can be made, we'll need a 
>bit more information. Could you possibly provide us with the following 
>pieces of information:
>  - What distribution are you using? 
>  - What kernel (version) are you using? 
>  - What wireguard version are you using? 
>  - What quagga version are you using?
>  - Please provide the kernel logs. 
>  - Please provide the quagga logs. 

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