Wireguard multihomed roaming performance

Tiago Condeixa tcondeixa at veniamworks.com
Fri Jun 23 19:04:44 CEST 2017

Hi Janson,

I have using wireguard in a multihomed scenarios with a board equipped with WiFi and LTE. 
In order to change the interface to be used I just change the route to the IP address of the wireguard server, but sometimes it take some time to update the endpoint in the server. 
I was doing a analysis and the problem is not related with wireguard server but with the client. Sometimes the client takes a lot of seconds to change the IP source address of the wireguard tunnel and it has a great impact on handover time. 
How are you adjusting the IP source address of the tunnel? do you have a cache that is periodically update or based on timeout? I have been thinking in adding a method for wg(8) that can allow me to change the IP source address of the tunnel when I want to roam between technologies/interfaces or do you have any better idea?

thank you,

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