Release monitoring (Was: Wireguard added to Alpine Linux)

Stuart Cardall developer at
Wed Mar 8 18:12:12 CET 2017

Hi Baptiste,

Many thanks for your message - I will add a distribution mapping for
Alpine Linux once Wireguard has moved out of testing.

In Alpine we monitor releases directly with - when a
new notification with an Alpine mapping is received, it creates a flag
in the Aports application. The package maintainer then receives an email
about the outdated package from Aports, in the same way as when someone
manually flags the pkg as outdated on

Kind Regards,


On 03/08/2017 04:05 PM, Baptiste Jonglez wrote:
> Hi Stuart,
> On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 09:49:53PM +0000, Stuart Cardall wrote:
>> To monitor releases @ Alpine we use - if
>> it doesn't pick up the changes I'll subscribe.
> Thanks for mentioning this, it's a nice tool!  I started using it for
> other projects.  By the way, receiving notification emails is non-obvious:
> you have to register on and
> add a filter that matches the upstream projects you are interested in.
> I just added wireguard [1], the monitoring system is configured to scrape
> and look for "WireGuard-([\d\.]*).tar.xz"
> to extract a version number.
> Baptiste
> [1]

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