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> > Following your comment, you could flip the resolvconf dependency from
> > a mandatory one to a a recommand or even a suggest, with a few
> > comment lines into the /usr/share/doc/README.Debian file.
> >
> The problem is that I would like to be able to use the -x and -m
> switches of resolvconf, which only openresolv has.

I see, but most of LANs _should_ have a DNS properly configured, and
roadwarriors at least a dnsmasq; as a matter of fact, everything started
to work correctly for me when I forced resolvconf to stop.
[reminder: The head of my LAN, that is my WG entry point, is also the
main DNS server and my laptop is the secondary one.]

If what you mean is avoiding DNS leaking, my suggestion is to have the
LAN DNS into the /etc/resolv.conf of the roadwarrior(s).
This is what's happen when I connect: it is the LAN entry point that
Of course, if people do not tunnel their whole traffic through the VPN,
this behavior will be a problem (but only if the client's DNS server/masq
is rendered inoperant by the VPN connection - duno: untested conf.)

> However, it appears
> that openresolv does not work very well out of the box on Ubuntu.

How in soft words these things are said :)
(almost everyone that had to battle against resolvconf had murder
pulsions at least once.)

> So, I'm not quite sure what I can recommend to Ubuntu users as a
> reliable way of setting a per-interface DNS override. Or even what
> command I could put in wg-quick to encapsulate that kind of logic.
> Any ideas?

1- list all possibilities,
2- test  "        "      , or ask people that use each one to see
   which are DNS hampered,
3- write a few lines into the README file to cover all cases,
4- have a rollmops and relax.

ubuntu people must understand that an OS isn't and can't be a
click'o'matic all the time, and that sometimes they have to open
the hood and get some grease on the hands before the engine starts
properly - this is *always* a good thing.


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