Suggestions for creating a VPN network

Germano Massullo germano.massullo at
Sun Nov 5 17:58:52 CET 2017

Hi there, I am going to start using Wireguard, so I read the
whitepaper and the online documentation on the website. I am writing
to you to ask you some suggestions about a kind of network I would
like to setup, since there could be various different ways to
implement what I have in my mind. Here my use case:
a server has eth1 network interface that is the slave interface of
bridge br0. Many Linux virtual machines (qemu/libvirt) are connected
to br0, and they have public IPs. Now let's name one of them 'vm3'.
I would like to create a certain amount of virtual machines that:
- do not have public IPs;
- are in a Wireguard VPN (let's call it 'wireguard_vpn');
- use vm3 as gateway to the internet.

Moreover, hosts from the internet must be able to connect to
wireguard_vpn, possibly through vm3.

It looks like that example "The New Namespace Solution" of is a good way to start configuring

What do you think about?
Thank you for your time

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