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> Hello Wireguard mailing list!
> I have been very interested in the WireGuard project for a little while
> now and am in the process of evaluating it. While benchmarks and code
> reviews are useful, they don’t uncover many of the issues that can
> potentially wake one up at 3am. I’d hunted around on the web for a while
> but wasn’t able to find any articles on running WireGuard in a production
> environment. I know the project is still young but was wondering if anyone
> on the mailing list had started using WireGuard in production? And, if so,
> if they’d be willing to share some details about their use case and
> experience.

I've been using it for about 6 months to tie together remote video
streaming servers in a star pattern with a vxlan overlay running on top of
the wireguard connections. I mostly push low latency video over the

I've only had an issue once which was a bug resulting from some refactoring
work, and Jason immediately pounced on it and had a fixed release out
within a few hours. Honestly, a project with a maintainer that takes
ownership of the code base like that imparts much more cred than any
"stable" or "production ready" label does.

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