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n1had5 n1had5 at protonmail.com
Sun Nov 26 01:22:59 CET 2017

Hello there I would like a couple of stickers for me and my sis (or just me because I am a greedy bastard and those stickers would probably look cool AF)
Name: Mohammad Ahmad Nihad
(but write محمد احمد نهاد محمد too if possible because it would be easier to deliver to me that way)
Address: ٢ شارع جلال شلش متفرع من تونس متفرع من الجزائر ،المعادي الجديدة ،القاهرة.
2 Galal Shalash street, Tounis street, Gazaer street, Maadi, Cairo
Thanks in advance and I will hopefully keep an eye on your project because (although I don't understand most of how it works and will probably not be able to use it) looks pretty damn interesting
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