Qualcomm Shortcut Forwarding Engine

Lucian Cristian luci at createc.ro
Thu Nov 30 00:27:10 CET 2017


Not sure if you can do something about this, I started to test this 
option for accelerated speed on NAT module (fast path) and I don't 
understand why is bothering the wireguard VPN, it should be active only 
on NAT connections.

The problem is strange, the iperf3 speed test will do about ~300 mb/s on 
WRT3200ACM router in bot direction (I think is my ISP limit for the two 
peers) but if I want to make an SCCP/SIP phone call it will not always 
connect or there will be some delay in doing it, also remote desktop 
will disconnect and reconnect every ~5 seconds.

There is no NAT in the VPN, everything is routed by zebra deamon.

this is the forum discussion: 

this is the PR for LEDE : https://github.com/lede-project/source/pull/1269


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