Using WG for transport security in a p2p network

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On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 12:13 AM, Matthias Urlichs <matthias at>

> Another option would be to run insecure QUIC or SCTP on top of WireGuard,
> You cannot run SCTP on the Internet anyway. Too many routers block
> anything that's not TCP/UDP/ICMP.

Well, that's another advantage of running on top of WG. AIUI the content
should be encrypted and authenticated so to all routers the traffic would
look like opaque UDP traffic. The endpoints will decrypt and pass it to
their SCTP/QUIC stack.

> I'm also wondering how easy this would be to program. It would clearly be
> much
> more heavyweight than simply opening a socket, but I guess it can be done
> via
> invocations of the `wg` or `wg-quick` tools.
> Don't use the tools. There's a library around that you can use to do all
> of the heavy lifting via netlink sockets. You'll also need the privilege to
> assign addresses and routes to the WG interfaces.
> Ideally we wouldn't need root
> If you go the netlink route, you do need one process that has the
> appropriate privilege, which means root at install time (but not runtime).

OK, thanks for the pointer to the netlink library I'll check that out.
Someone else mentioned CAP_NET_ADMIN, I'll follow that up in a separate

> Once the network is live, we'd need the transport protocol to be relatively
> stable, or at least be easily upgradeable
> Well, the WG wire protocol is supposed to be stable by now. Switching away
> from it would require new code on your side anyway, so you can implement
> the exact method of switching at that time.

What does "stable" mean exactly here though? At some point the WG protocol
might need a new version, e.g. to reselect ciphers to e.g. add post-quantum
crypto. In the typical WG use-case this is not an issue because the network
admin controls both endpoints and can upgrade both simultaneously, but this
wouldn't be the case for our p2p network.

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