Remote Debian installation assistance for newbies using WireGuard VPN

ST smntov at
Wed Apr 25 11:00:33 CEST 2018

Hello Debian Install System Team,

there used to be Linux install parties - a very cool event in itself and
a way to bring new users into community. However it is not so easy to
organize and it is somewhat limiting in time and space.

Several weeks ago I learned about the kernel-space VPN - WireGuard [1]
and was so positively shocked by the ease of it's configuration/use [2]
so that I don't stop to think how it can be effectively utilized.

Today I was thinking whether it would be possible to use this technology
to enable an experienced Linux user to help a fellow newbie to install
Debian on his Windows box?...

The idea is to add an "Remote assistance mode" into win32-loader. Once
toggled - it will preseed and run Debian Installer (after reboot)
without any interaction until it:
1. creates a WG interface,
2. obtains an IP from a (not yet extent) Debian WireGuard VPN server [3]
(the assisting Linux profi also should be part of this VPN so he can SSH
to the newbie through NAT).
3. runs SSH server listening on that IP.
4. generates a short random password for the root user and displays it
together with its IP from step #2 on the monitor of the newbie. This
information (IP and root's password) are communicated by newbie to his
Linux profi friend by phone/sms/etc..

>From this point on the Linux profi can SSH to the box and continue the
installation process in text mode.

Is something like this possible?

Thank you!

[3]: here is a short demo of how it could be done:

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