Multiple endpoints with same public key

Davide Depau davide at
Mon Dec 3 10:22:49 CET 2018

A few days ago I was struggling with a very slow connection and I was
wondering whether WireGuard can support this setup (please see attached

There is a WireGuard server (the port it's listening on is reachable from
the outside), then one client with two interfaces connected to the Internet
with two different IP addresses.

Is it possible to have *one* WireGuard interface on the client, which sends
packets to the server through both interfaces in a round-robin fashion? I
would expect the server to detect the client (identified by the public key)
is sending packets from multiple endpoints, and send packets to both

If that's not possible with the current implementation (it should not as it
would break roaming), can it be implemented as a new feature?

One solution that keeps roaming working would be to explicitly enable the
multiple endpoints feature for each peer in the config file. If it's
enabled, keepalive packets are always sent at a configurable rate on both
ends and, when they don't get acknoweledged from one endpoint, it is
If the feature is not enabled, the peers behave as they do now.

I'm not sure how the peer with multiple outgoing interfaces could be
configured to use all of them, though. I'll just leave this here so if you
think the idea might be good somebody may come up with a solution.


Davide Depau
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