sysctl of Alpine standard 3.8.1 doesn't support option -r.

Sterrenboer sterrenboer at
Mon Dec 24 14:46:39 CET 2018

Hi Du, Lonnie, Jason 

To get wg-quick working on my alpine edge, I had to install 

- bash for /bin/bash
- procps for systctl
- openresolv for dns
- iproute2 for /sbin/ip

I suspect that it is the same on 3.8.1. I don’t know why the wireguard-tools package does not depend on them, as wg-quick does not work without them.  I guess that the reason is that the wg binary itself does not depend on them…. formally.  If that is the case, then maybe it would make sense if wg-quick is its own package, which can then have its own dependencies.

Thanks for the awesome work on wireguard & happy holidays.


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