Android traffic not being sent over tunnel when using kernel backend

BBreeziN bbreezin at
Tue Dec 4 04:35:15 CET 2018

I recently set up a WireGuard tunnel between my Android phone and
Ubuntu Server at home. When using the WireGuard app without root
granted to it, the userspace implementation works as expected. I get
the key icon in the status bar on Android and my traffic is being
routed through the tunnel.
I then rooted my device, installed the ElementalX kernel (with WireGuard
support), and upon granting the WireGuard app root access, it indicates
the kernel module backend is being used. However, now when connecting my
tunnel using the same settings, my traffic is not being routed through
the tunnel. I can see this by visiting a site like and which
reveals my carrier WAN IP, not my IP of my home ISP.
The tunnel seems to be active using the kernel module as I can ping the
phone ( from the server ( I can also ping from my phone.
Any idea why the web traffic is being routed through the tunnel ONLY
when I use the Go userspace backend? Thanks for the help!
WireGuard for Android v0.0.20181001
Kernel module backend v0.0.2018119

WireGuard Ubuntu Bionic v0.0.20181119

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