Android traffic not being sent over tunnel when using kernel backend

B. Reino reinob at
Wed Dec 5 19:50:20 CET 2018

On Mon, 3 Dec 2018, BBreeziN wrote:

> I recently set up a WireGuard tunnel between my Android phone and
> Ubuntu Server at home. When using the WireGuard app without root
> granted to it, the userspace implementation works as expected. I get
> the key icon in the status bar on Android and my traffic is being
> routed through the tunnel.
> I then rooted my device, installed the ElementalX kernel (with WireGuard
> support), and upon granting the WireGuard app root access, it indicates
> the kernel module backend is being used. However, now when connecting my
> tunnel using the same settings, my traffic is not being routed through
> the tunnel. I can see this by visiting a site like and which
> reveals my carrier WAN IP, not my IP of my home ISP.
> The tunnel seems to be active using the kernel module as I can ping the
> phone ( from the server ( I can also ping
> from my phone.
> Any idea why the web traffic is being routed through the tunnel ONLY
> when I use the Go userspace backend? Thanks for the help!
> WireGuard for Android v0.0.20181001
> Kernel module backend v0.0.2018119
> WireGuard Ubuntu Bionic v0.0.20181119

After reading your message I decided to (finally) install ElementalX on my 
Oneplus 6. I then tested Wireguard (v0.0.20181103, from F-Droid) using the 
kernel module backend (v0.0.20180809).

It all worked perfectly, including the routing. I tested also with "whats 
my ip" (a few hits on google), and it always showed the IP of my server (a 

The server is running debian stretch with wireguard 0.0.20181119-1 (taken 
from debian unstable).

Good luck!

Bernardo Reino

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