wg troubles on ubuntu 14.04, MacOS and iOS

Graham Agnew graham.agnew at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 01:20:05 CET 2018


I installed Wireguard on Ubuntu 14.04 using the PPA on Launchpad and the wireguard-tools on my Mac.  I can get it to work with a very simple setup and using wg-quick or “wg setconf”.  It’s really great how simple it is.

I don’t have as much luck with the command line “wg set”; it doesn’t like parameters like allowed-ips and such.  Is this a known issue?  Analysing wg-quick, it looks like it pipes the configuration into the "wg setconf” command. 

I’m also having problems when I have two peers.  I have "AllowedIPs =" for both in the .conf file, but this is only applied to the second peer.  The first peer has “(none)” shown as its AllowedIPs with obvious consequences.  Is this also a known issue?  I was trying to add my iPhone as a second peer using the TestFlight app.  I couldn’t get this to work, even when I tried to make a second interface on the Ubuntu server as a workaround.  Is there a way to diagnose the issue?

I’m also unsure how the AllowedIPs setting is meant to work.  Initially I thought it was a list of addresses the peer was allowed to connect to, but the documentation seems to suggest it’s a list that the peer can connect from.  Or is it a range of source IPs that the receiver will accept packets from?  Using seems to mess up my network configuration, routing tables etc and I wonder if it’s some “smarts” in wg-quick I haven’t understood.

Apologies if these are noob questions that stem from a lack of knowledge.  I feel I need to get deeper into iptables etc to fully understand this.


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