[Android app] Can't connect to a chromecast when wireguard is running

Christophe-Marie Duquesne chmd at chmd.fr
Fri Dec 28 11:27:59 CET 2018


I have been using the android app for a while now (non rooted phone,
android 8.0, I installed the app from the play store). It works very well.

I am here to report a little problem: I find myself unable to use a
chromecast while wireguard is running. I tried to exclude Spotify and
Google home from the applications tunneled by wireguard, but that doesn't

The application which notifies me about the chromecast status is "Google
play services". However, this particular app is not part of the list of
applications I can exclude from being tunneled by wireguard.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? How did you solve it?

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