M. Dietrich mdt at
Thu Jan 18 14:00:11 CET 2018

in case i want to use a vpn to route all my traffic through
the tunnel i have a kind of hen&egg problem: how does my
client contact the other side if i switch the default route? 

the demo script adds a route to the other side in the
moment of establishing the connection like this: via dev wlan0

(assuming is my router). this goes well as long as
the router (or the interface) doesnt change. this is fine for
most VPNs as they fail when the connection is lost.

wireguard is ment for the modern world and survives connection
drops. but the route must be reestablished afterwords in case
router or interface changed.

is there a solution to automate that already? i know this is
not really a wireguard topic as it has to be done near dhcp.

this should have been solved for android already or am i

M. Dietrich
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