UDP Socks5 Proxy

M. Dietrich mdt at emdete.de
Fri Mar 9 14:28:28 CET 2018


i would like to have one node using wireguard which is behind
a proxy. i thought one could use some iptables magic to catch
the udp packages and redirect those to use a socks5 proxy.

would that be feasable? what piece of software could i use to
turn the udp packages into a sock5 complient communication? i
understood a 'udp associate' request is done and that gives back
connection details and udp packages are then send to that
connection (thats how i understood rfc1928).

i searched the internet but did not find software that does
that or even some kind of client lib that could be used.

btw: i do not search for a high-speed-solution in the first
place. a reliable, working solution will do.

M. Dietrich
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