TCP Wireguard with socat

Gianluca Gabrielli tuxmealux at
Fri Mar 9 17:41:45 CET 2018

Hi everybody,

I'm an happy wireguard user since a while, but at that time I need to link two peers and I can only use TCP. I know that there are thousand of other tools I can use, but I'd like to do it using wireguard.
My first thought has been to make use of socat, since some newest version a new address type called INTERFACE has been added (, so I tried to use it but I've not been able to make it works.
This is why I'm here asking your feedbacks, or to collect other ideas to let wireguard works through a TCP tunnel.

I wrote all the notes about the tests I made on a pdf, I know that this is not the good way to share with you my results, and I should write it here once again in plaintext. But for me it will would turn on a waste of time do it again, and it also would be less comprehensible.
I uploaded the pdf online instead to attach it to this email hence nobody needs to open it on his personal laptop, but it can be viewed via any browser. I personally hate open unknown file on my computer. The pdf can be viewed from the following link:

I will really appreciate any constructive feedback or suggestion on how to easily use wireguard with TCP.


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