Android app and command line

Jacob Schooley jacob.schooley+wgvpn at
Tue Mar 13 02:51:47 CET 2018

There is an option in the Android app to enable wg and wg-quick, which will
be extremely useful to me as most of my VPN stuff is taken care of with
Tasker. There are two major bugs with this however.

One is that the app doesn't automatically update the status of wireguard,
so the switch inside the app won't flip if I use wg-quick up or down until
I swipe off and reopen the app, and the quick settings toggle won't change.

The other is that if I run wg-quick up, then try to bring it down through
the app or the quick settings toggle, it says "Error bringing down tunnel:
Unable to configure tunnel (wg-quick returned 2)." So as of now it really
doesn't work well with tasker because I can't bring it down manually if I
need to.
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