Some potential bug in wg-quick re. fwmark and default route

Luis Ressel aranea at
Mon Mar 26 22:53:57 CEST 2018

Hello Saeid,

I'm sorry your inquiry has gone unanswered for two weeks; it was simply
drowned by all the user questions. I'm glad I found it now, since you
raise a few interesting points.

As you have discovered, wg-quick is very limited (being the wacky shell
script that it is) and behaves oddly in some corner cases.

I'm drawing a few diagrams right now to see if I can find a way to
improve the add_route/add_default and del_if parts of wg-quick without
increasing the overall complexity too much. Both of your suggestions are
good ideas; if you have further input, that'd be much appreciated!


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