WG interface to ipv4

ѽ҉ᶬḳ℠ vtol at gmx.net
Sun May 6 09:31:16 CEST 2018

> I should point out that "other VPN apps are doing it" is mostly not a
> motivation for adding a nob. We're trying to aim with WireGuard as
> close to a nob-less security model as possible. This is indeed a
> substantially different goal from other projects, many of which love
> to add features and choices. On the other hand, WireGuard aims to look
> at the complete system and tries to determine what set of parameters
> always provide security in the model we're going for. For example,
> most other VPN apps let you choose your "cipher suite". DES? Blowfish?
> AES? XTEA? This project has a bit of a different focus. I realize this
> might be less exciting to watch, but I do believe this approach will
> nudge us a tiny bit closer to having secure software.

Added/enhanced (network) security is hardly an knob meant to excite, not 
sure how you reach that conclusion.

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