Need for HW-clock independent timestamps

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>On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 10:21 PM, Devan Carpenter 

>> Using NTP is not a viable solution for a distributed mesh network.
>> if the Internet is only accesible via WG, or what if the network is
>> connected to the Internet at all?
>Why do you need the Internet at all?
>You can do as simple as plug a $20 GPS receiver (serial/USB) in any
>node and get precise time that is shared with others in the network.

$20 would increase the HW cost of many typical community-networks (CN) deployments significantly. Plus requiering more knowledge, maintenence, and power supply for sometimes solar-powered setups. Think of a recent typical CN node like this [1], so no usb. The admins are not hackers. Also there are tens of thousands of existing and productively operating (partially 5-10-years-old) nodes that nobody wants to upgrade HW wise. 
It is really NOT as simple as it sounds to plug a  $20 GPS !!!



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