Need for HW-clock independent timestamps

Steve Gilberd steve at
Wed May 16 22:32:06 CEST 2018

> $20 would increase the HW cost of many typical community-networks (CN)
deployments significantly.

This seems unlikely. In most cases, $20 is notably less than the cost of a
single node.

> Plus requiering more knowledge, maintenence, and power supply for
sometimes solar-powered setups... no USB.

If that's a concern, then put the GPS on nodes where those constraints
aren't a problem. You only need GPS on a few nodes (or one node if you
don't care about redundancy). Most nodes will get by just fine with just
plain NTP, and can happily fetch their time from the GPS nodes, or from
other non-GPS nodes with a correct time sync.

> It is really NOT as simple as it sounds to plug a $20 GPS !!!

It's not particularly complicated either. The actual setup of the devices
isn't particularly difficult, and you're already touching these nodes to
set up wireguard on them, so "I have to touch the config" isn't a barrier
in this case.



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